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Best Tactics for Outdoor Brand Marketing

It’s a great time to be a challenger brand in the outdoor market!

Today, the industry has more strategic and tactical marketing options than ever before. We have enthusiastic customers, exciting products and a world where unforgettable outdoor experiences are more accessible and important than ever.

Essential marketing tactics work together to lift up your brand in the marketplace. These include:

Creative Content

Beautiful photos, breathtaking video and heart-stopping stories are key. You want to represent your brand in the best light possible. Then ask yourself how you can take it up a notch. When you’ve achieved excellence, which today is the cost of entry, creativity is the way to differentiate your brand.

Passionate People

There’s simply no substitute for passion. And there are plenty of outdoor enthusiasts who would jump at the chance to work in the industry. These folks can bring their expertise to your marketing efforts in ways you’d expect—such as understanding a product—and ways that could surprise you, like experiences and connections.

Media Magic

According to conventional wisdom, your target needs to hear your message 11 times before he’s compelled to take action. The right media strategy can get your brand in front of prospects 24/7.

Dynamite Digital

Your website’s design and functionality speak volumes about your brand. If you’re a challenger, your site doesn’t have to be the biggest and the best, but it does need to make a compelling case for your brand. You’ll also want to turn your site into the cornerstone of your email, social and digital marketing efforts. Next up is developing an app—and eventually, a virtual reality experience!

Stellar Social

Maintaining a presence on social media is essential. But excelling in this space takes extra effort. For people interested in your brand, well-done social media, both organic and paid, can be delightful and motivating.

Influence the Influencers

Who are influencers? Passionate people who document their experiences and connect with others. Positive online reviews are similar in importance because they can carry a great deal of weight with prospects. Buyers are skeptical of brand claims, with good reason, but put faith in recommendations from real people.

Step Up Special Events

You’ll want to attend key trade shows, conferences or fairs where you can showcase your brand to large numbers of prospects. But also consider smaller stages—such as retail locations, public places and businesses. For example, one hunting brand created an event in our local airport the day before the pheasant opener. It was a low-cost way to reach hundreds of hunters flying into the area. And they amplified the event through social media and public relations to reach a much larger audience.

Perfect Public Relations

Part of public relations is taking advantage of what’s basically free media placement. However, you’ll also want to build relationships with the media and keep your brand as visible as possible. Other public relations musts include media events, media training, crisis planning and issues management.

Evaluate E-Commerce

Online sales are a big step. There’s also the touchy aspect of competing with retailers you depend on. But e-commerce is something you should consider, and reconsider every six months or so. Experts with a background in e-commerce can help you make the right move.

Understand Your Analytics

How can you know which analytics matter most? That’s a question that analytics experts can help answer. And the answer may be specific to your brand and your objectives. Tracking various metrics over time can help determine those most important to know when it comes to achieving your goals.

How should you prioritize these options? Where should you start—and what should you do next? The experts at Migrate Outdoor can help. Connect with us at (605) 271-3251 or today.