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5 Ways Outdoor Brands Can Increase Their Customer Base

How can your outdoor brand compete in a crowded market?

The bad news is that the outdoor market is crowded with merchandising and marketing rock stars – your competition.

But the good news is that outdoor enthusiasts are brand enthusiasts. And, as evidenced by the other brands’ successes, there’s plenty of opportunity.

Smart Branding

It’s been said that your customers own your brand.

What this means is that your brand exists in the minds and hearts of your customers – almost as if your brand were a person.

And that’s the key to creating a compelling brand. Think of your brand as a person. What’s your story? What’s your personality? What are you known for?

In addition to having a personality, your brand needs values. What do you stand for?

And perhaps most important of all, what emotions does your brand evoke? While people believe they make decisions based on logic, research consistently shows they make decisions based instead on emotion.


In today’s heavily digital market, you’ll need a robust website that functions as the hub of your marketing efforts.

And you’ll want to put content on that site. That means original articles, videos, photos, infographics, lists, podcasts and advice that speak to your target market.

This content isn’t all about your product. Numerous articles on your specific rifle loading mechanism won’t prove interesting.

Look at what your customers are interested in. If you want them to take a look at your hunting rifle, they’re certainly interested in hunting. There’s a gold mine of possible content associated with hunting.

Then refer back to your brand – your values, personality and emotions. Create content that makes those intangibles come to life.

For example, if one of your values is helping the less fortunate, make a short video in which your employees are bringing donated game to a soup kitchen.


With a compelling brand story and strong web presence through strategic SEO, SEM, native advertising and social media, you’ll reach your target market.

That’s where all the content comes in. If your target market likes what you’re pushing out there, they’ll want more. By looking at analytics, you’ll be able to figure out what works.

Maybe your article with recipes for cooking antelope didn’t get much traction. But maybe your guide to the best-kept secret hunting spots in Montana was a hit. Patterns will develop, as will the platforms your targets respond to best.

Your goal in pushing out content, of course, is to bring people to your website. And what happens next is almost magical.


This is where sophisticated marketing techniques have really changed the game. By opting in to access a particularly compelling piece of content, your prospects are tracked, sorted and funneled.

Eventually, you’ll have a wealth of data on folks who visit your site. With a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, your marketing department or sales team will have not only leads, but information on what those leads do when they visit your site – and what they’re interested in. Depending on your tracking tools, you may also be able to access information on your leads’ demographics, geography and buying behavior.

You can serve more information to these leads through email, social media, retargeting and other methods.

And best of all, your sales people can follow up, armed with excellent information on why your brand is right for that lead.

Continuous Courtship

Marketing is a little like dating. Once you’ve got a customer, however, don’t let the courtship end.

Remind your customers why they like you. Keep focusing on your brand’s personality, values and emotional tenor.

Offer your customers special deals now and then so they feel like they’re part of the family. Offer your best customers even better deals now and then.

Continue reviewing your numbers to refine your approach. Look at engagement, traffic, page views, demographics, referral sources and shares.

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