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Inbound Outdoors: Reeling in the Right Customers

It wasn’t that long ago that marketing your outdoor brand meant sending direct mail, placing print ads and amassing resources for the occasional television commercial.

Within a few short years, marketing has flipped from push to pull. Instead of seeking out prospects, today’s savvy marketers are baiting their lines in the digital ocean and reeling in customers.

How It Works

Inbound marketing is about creating and sharing content that attracts prospects. What’s “content” in this context? It’s blogs, enewsletters, social media, infographics, videos, landing pages, articles, podcasts and more.

Hunters, fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts find your content through search engines and social media. Once they’ve opted in by liking you on Facebook, following you on Twitter or signing up for your newsletter, you can serve up additional content. If the content is on your website, you can customize what these prospects receive based on data that’s automatically collected.

Best of all, digital content is measurable. Inbound marketing provides real data to analyze and learn from, which helps you refine your strategies and better plan for the future.

Why It Matters

With outdoor recreation fueling $646 billion of the American economy, there are plenty of dollars at stake.  And compared to players in other industries, outdoor companies compete against some of the world’s most successful brands.

If you’re not a retail powerhouse or a storied brand, how can you compete? Content isn’t just the basis for inbound marketing. It also helps:

  • Establish your brand as the authority
  • Provide your brand with a personality
  • Engage prospects
  • Delight and reward customers

By putting timely, relevant and truly interesting content in the right place for your target audience, you can pull in your prospects and measure the results.

If you’d like to know more about inbound for outdoor, visit with the inbound marketing specialists at Migrate.