Industry Insights

It’s Almost Always Personal

It’s very busy out here. Nearly 50 percent of Americans take part in more than 12 billion outdoor activities each year. That’s a multitude of personal experiences to share. So, it’s time to get up close and personal. People who love the outdoors have a unique level of trust with the people who also hunt, hike, fish, ride or run. That’s why personal recommendations are so valuable. This one-on-one communication can increase brand awareness by creating a conversation that connects with wider, and equally trusted, peer groups.

The outdoor marketplace offers myriad products that at times seem to present little in the way of differentiation. So it’s not surprising that a recommendation from a trusted friend can greatly influence a decision. Men and women who have experienced the same trials and successes in the field or stream can have a much greater impact on another’s search for the best product or experience.

A recent survey by Nielsen showed that 81 percent of respondents found a personal recommendation to be the most trusted form of advertising. And 71 percent said they would be more likely to take some kind of action if a friend suggested it to them. In many cases, it doesn’t even have to be a personal recommendation. That same survey found that 58 percent trusted an online consumer opinion over other forms of marketing.

Turn Customers Into Advocates

We know that recommendations are extremely influential when it comes to purchasing. The difficulty is how to encourage consumers to recommend products in a space that is accessible and useful to brands, and what are the best avenues to spread their messages. Active social media engagement, watching, listening and reacting, are an excellent place to start. From there, it’s a matter of developing effective channels to spread the good words and images. When there are happy hunters, hikers, anglers, etc., it’s essential that they have the right tools to share their experiences and help leverage word-of-mouth communication to meet your goals and objectives. But before all that happens, you have to make sure that your customers have something good to talk about.

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