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Outdoor Brands: Building a Social Media Community

Social media is about relationships — something outdoor enthusiasts thrive on. For them, finding like-minded people to share their experiences with is a common pursuit, so it’s no surprise that the outdoor community engages well with industry brands on social platforms.

Showing interest in what matters to your audience is key when pursuing social media efforts. Here are four tactics to consider when building, growing and leveraging a social media community around your outdoor brand.

Share Your Content

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more, social media was designed to share your copy, images and videos. And with an audience actively following you, it’s often a great place for your engaging content to make its way into the world.

Outdoor brands are especially well known for sharing quality content on social platforms. Vivid imagery and great storytelling come easily to an industry focused on the great outdoors, and active consumers are eager to engage.

Be sure to repurpose content across several platforms for maximum exposure.

The North Face does an exceptional job when it comes to sharing photos, videos and blog content, keeping their audience continuously interested with engaging pieces.

This harrowing expedition pushed a group of mountaineers to their mental and physical brink; carving them down to nothing. Watch the full film @ #MyanmarClimb

Posted by The North Face on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tell Your Story

As an outdoor brand, chances are you’ve hired employees passionate about, well, the outdoors. Many companies encourage their employees to take part in opportunities such as building trails, restoring habitats and assisting on local farms. They also support personal employee achievements such as participating in triathlons, climbs, hunting trips and more.

By showcasing the passionate individuals behind your business, you humanize your brand. That’s why social media is the ideal place to share industry-related content and stories about your employees and their families.

Outdoor brand Bushnell keeps their audience up to speed on employee and family member achievements via Twitter and Facebook.

Congratulations to our All-Girl Bushnell Tactical team – Melissa Gilliland and Steph Payne – on a successful Crucible Team Match in Florida this past weekend!

Posted by Bushnell on Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Lead Relief

Outdoor enthusiasts as a whole have a propensity for philanthropy — they’re active people and they want to help. Social media provides brands with a platform to quickly organize and lead relief efforts, giving followers a way to easily help you help others. Most importantly, it’s a win-win for everyone involved, and, as a bonus, it helps consumers make an emotional connection with your company, which is sure to foster brand loyalty down the road.

A great example of this dynamic can be found in REI’s quick response to the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. As of May 2015, the company (in partnership with Mercy Corps) had tapped into their social media network to help raise more than $820,000 in support of Nepal’s earthquake recovery efforts.

Everyone at REI is thinking of those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. We are working with our longstanding contacts…

Posted by REI on Monday, April 27, 2015

Of course your effort need not be so grand in scale in order to be an effective use of your social media efforts. Something as small as supporting a food drive or helping a local family rebuild after an unfortunate circumstance will help to strengthen the connection to your community and encourage engagement. A sincere effort rarely goes unnoticed.


As an audience passionate about preserving the earth, outdoor enthusiasts are eager to know that the brands they stay loyal to are committed to being part of the solution. While openly speaking out for, or against, controversial issues can often be viewed as an unnecessary risk in other industries, advocacy in the outdoor market is becoming more and more common place.

No one advocates better than Patagonia. From fighting to keep the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia ski resort-free with their #KeepJumboWild hashtag to supporting the Land and Water Conservation Fund (#LWCF), Patagonia shows no fear in not only standing up for, but standing with, their audience when it comes to advocacy.

Decide what’s most important to your consumers and show an active interest.

For marketing that moves you, call on Migrate. Our agency professionals live and breathe the outdoor segment, so check us out — a conversation that costs you nothing could reveal everything on the horizon.