Industry Insights

Top Five Insights from the 2016 SHOT Show®

by Mark Smither

Migrate Outdoor spent three days at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, visiting with several outdoor brands. With over 1,700 exhibitors and an estimated 62,000 attendees, we had the opportunity to talk with a wide range of industry manufacturers, retailers and media representatives. Here are our top five insights from SHOT Show:

      1. The outdoor industry is more competitive than ever, but marketing directors remain optimistic about the future. New technologies continue to drive product development and demand—especially among younger, gear-loving outdoor enthusiasts.
      2. Many outdoor brands are becoming more marketing focused as opposed to sales focused. This is forcing brands to quickly develop data-driven marketing strategies based on understanding customer attitudes and behaviors.
      3. Several marketing directors are new to the outdoor industry, but they bring an added depth of experience and expertise to the job. Their number one objective is to drive customer engagement across all brand touch points.
      4. We are also seeing an influx of venture capital money in the industry. Investors want to see measurable growth and ROI ASAP. As a result, marketing directors are under greater pressure to deliver results.
      5. The outdoor industry is working hard to attract new customers across several different demographics. For example, 50 percent of first-time shooters are female. Younger millennials are purchasing firearms for the first time. The urban market continues to see significant growth. Hispanic, Asian and African American markets are growing, as well.


These are just a few of our top-line observations from the 2016 SHOT Show. For a more in-depth discussion about these insights and others, contact Mark Smither at (605) 271-3251 or online.