Industry Insights

Why Outdoor Brands Need Awesome Content

Brands continue to battle for the outdoor enthusiast’s attention – and wallet. As if manufacturing the best product wasn’t enough, those who reign victorious all have one thing in common: awesome content. Why? Because they must.


The bulk of outdoor enthusiasts are ambitious, tech-savvy men and women willing to travel near and far for an experience, whether it is hiking in Yellowstone, hunting in Alaska or spending time on the water in Minnesota. They research equipment and services online, actively join digital communities and connect with like-minded people, all while discussing their own travel experiences and building relationships.

From fishermen to mountaineers and everything in between, all outdoor enthusiasts have one thing in common — passion. Consumers of outdoor brands want to get pumped up about what they’re going to do, and that’s where having great content comes in. Outdoor enthusiasts are a little like bears in that way, generally uninterested in you unless you have something to feed them, and, in today’s world, they are hungry for more and more.


Selling to people who are notoriously on the move requires content that moves you. Using emotion to connect with your customers is top priority. Then, justifying that emotional connection by sharing information about your product with specifications and materials is how you, be you. That’s the best thing about successful storytelling in the outdoor market – it’s rich, full of feeling, intention and vivid imagery. Most importantly, it’s authentic.

But wait, telling a story isn’t all there is to it. Outdoor brands need a smart message and an even smarter messenger. When it comes to your marketing efforts, while some outdoor brands may embrace the “do it yourself” mentality of their customers, eventually, working with professionals becomes the more cost-effective and strategic choice. Working with experts who specialize in understanding communities of outdoor enthusiasts (where to find them and how best to reach them) increases efficiency and minimizes risk, saving on time and resources.

Rest assured, testimonials that pull at your ambition, videos explaining the latest and greatest innovation in gear, and images that prove you’ll look great accomplishing your goals all fit neatly into a very specific content strategy system drafted by an expert marketer, and they’re not delivered to consumers by accident or at random. These systems account for the who, what, when, where and how of a campaign, and are crafted by professionals with long-established relationships with media outlets, PR professionals and industry vendors.

The Menu

Popular outdoor content can be found everywhere. Depending on your brand’s strategy, you’ve got a lot of options. With such a large menu to choose from (and getting larger everyday), there is little excuse to not be connecting with your consumers in a meaningful way. Here is a very standard list, but with the right strategy, the opportunities to market content creatively are endless.


  • Print ads
  • Digital ads
  • TV commercials
  • Radio ads
  • Direct mail
  • Testimonials
  • Billboards
  • Sponsorships


  • Blogs
  • Brand videos
  • Native advertising
  • Standard social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Inbound marketing
  • Marketing automation


  • Apps
  • Educational guides/materials
  • Trending social platforms (Vine, Snapchat, Periscope, etc.)
  • Events
  • Promotions

For marketing that moves you, call on Migrate. Our agency professionals live and breathe the outdoor segment, so check us out — a conversation that costs you nothing could reveal everything on the horizon.