South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks

Creating the Habitat Pays campaign.

Migrate is Paulsen – the agency working with the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks and the South Dakota Department of Agriculture to develop the Habitat Pays campaign.

The goal is to increase wildlife habitat and improve hunting opportunities by directing farmers and ranchers to one convenient source for consulting and funding resources.

We created a series of videos profiling farmers and ranchers who have successfully developed wildlife habitat on their land.

"They know what they are doing. With agriculture being the state’s number one industry; we knew understanding the farmer and rancher’s point of view was going to be a critical component for success with Habitat Pays. They led the way in fielding this for us and the Department of Agriculture and assisted in fostering the collaboration to improve communications between our industry and the agricultural production industry. Their expertise throughout this campaign was invaluable, and we have enjoyed the partnership that has formed."

-Kelly Hepler, South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Secretary

To launch the Habitat Pays campaign, we worked with the state to coordinate a press conference on a farm featured in one of the campaign videos. Our work for this event included print advertising, an eblast invitation, plus talking points for the Governor and Secretaries of Agriculture and Game, Fish and Parks.

Habitat Pays Press Conference

We also distributed press releases and followed up by monitoring earned media, wrote an article featured in Landowners Matter and created an ad for Conservation Digest. The campaign has been extremely successful, and we continue to create additional landowners’ stories through video and social media efforts.